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We have had an extensive training when it

comes to proper removal of stains, depending on the type, material, and hazard.

Take a look at some of our stain situations you may have in this section... 


​​We have worked with a variety of clients and businesses. Here are some photographs that demonstrate our services.


​Need a reliable carpet cleaner? Well  we are the experts at helping our customers take care of their carpets, rugs, Interiors or upholstery needs.

We look forward to transforming your business, home or transportation. With our effective natural way to steam cleaning. We also provide Dry Cleaning.


Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning  L.L.C.

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“I have used Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning for the last 4 years for cleaning my carpets in my home, boat and automobile... the end results have always been excellent.  They have managed to help me extend the life of my carpets at a reasonable price."

Russell Lofgren Jr. of Anoka, Minnesota

Dear Angel & Sam......................


This email is being sent because I wanted you both to know how pleased
my wife Eva and I are with the carpet and furnace vent cleaning your
company performed in our new town home here in Edina.  As you may
recall, our town house had been abandoned for several months due to a
bank foreclosure.  The interior condition of our home was in dire need
of a thorough cleaning due to much neglect.  Eco Friendly Carpet
Cleaning came to our rescue and eliminated all of the dust, dirt and
grime that had collected in our carpets and furnace ducts.  Thanks to
your professional and very personal cleaning services, our town house
looks and smells wonderful.  Thanks for helping Eva and me to make our
new home so bright and beautiful.

Regards.....................Ralph of Edina Minnesota
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